We often hear, “It’s not etched in stone”, but everything We do IS etched in stone. Sort of!!


At Engraved Euniques LLC we use a proprietary process to imprint a lasting image on porcelain, ceramic, slate and other surfaces. Our tiles are truly “one of a kind” even when two or more of the same image is created. We find that the first time customer often becomes a client for life. It is not unusual for us to here back from a customer saying that their gift was the biggest hit of the occasion. When you give a “Gift From the Heart” from Engraved Euniques LLC, we hope you will experience the same. And remember, our personalized gifts are limited only by your Imagination.

Since the invention of the secrete process some 10 years ago, we have run across some “look alike” products. One using a mechanical engraving and then backfilling the tile with paint and wiping clean. Be careful of these that may fade and chip. Others use a decal. Our tiles have a permanent lasting chemical fusion type of finish that hold up very well indoors as well as outdoors. In direct sunlight the bold black writing stays as it is for years and years.

We are just a small shop in Shreveport Louisiana yet we ship to all 50 states and many foreign countries. You will find our team very willing to help you create the personalized gift that will say to your recipient, this is from the heart. We also do awards and other large orders for your business or banquets. The typical wood plaque or acrylic recognition award become a thing of the past when you present a beautiful porcelain tile on an easel to recognize an employees years of service or special accomplishment.

We hope you’ll come back often to see our new and exciting products and we look forward to providing unique gifts to you for years to come and we  fully expect our greatest joy to be, “developing personal relationships with treasured clients”.

Warmest Regards,

Engraved Euniques LLC